Short solutions for decreasing and managing stress; managing conflict situations; and increasing creativity and productivity.

Article 1: “Dancing With The Elephant” (Introduction)

© 4/1/12 \\ Written By: Zephryn Conte, President Environarts, Inc.®

It’s interesting to think of stress as an art, yet stress is the quintessential “Environ-Art.” This proverbial “elephant in the living room” is becoming more and more visible in today’s households and work places. No matter where you may live on the planet – it’s evident that today’s global environment is changing faster than many of us can keep up with. Maybe you are one of the countless in the unemployed or underemployed category, which is giving you a real-life stress test. But even if you hold a “solid” position, now-a-days the feeling in the air is uncertain.

Today, things aren’t always what they seem… and we are being invited to look at our illusions and lift the veils between what we have been told or believed was true, in order to redefine our deeper reality as human beings. Globally we are being asked to reach deeper into our core as a human race, as we are beginning to understand how so many of the things we “took to the bank” in the past are no longer as dependable as we once thought or were led to believe…

So things are stressful… And with the proverbial ‘elephant in the living room’ looming large, learning how to do an artful “elephant dance” is in high demand as a a priority school subject in the 21st century! STRESS is having its way with us! We see it negatively impacting our health manifesting unexplained maladies, inciting road rage, intensifying family, school, community and international conflicts and manifesting uncanny events or accidents.

So here is the opportunity to apply Environarts – in this 21st century school-without-walls called LIFE – the real and perfect stage for learning anything significant. If you can relate to light-hearted shows like “Dancing with the Stars,” or “America’s Favorite Dance Team,” then why not get really creative and come together for our own enlightened life series entitled “Dancing with the Elephant!”

This blog is dedicated to offering ideas, short solutions, and music that can help you:

  • decrease and manage stress (work with breathing, stabilize heart rate and blood-pressure, calm the mind);
  • manage conflict situations (increase cultural competence and effective communication skills); and
  • activate or increase creativity and productivity;

all of these the critical EQ,* SQ,* and MI* skills needed in today’s changing workplace and global economy. (* will explain each in future blogs!). And of course if you want to really dig in and do more significant work, you can sign up for a coaching session or one of our dynamic workshops!

I encourage you to write in and begin a conversation, as I introduce “Environ-artsignments” related to the subjects above. Your feedback will inform this conversation and how subjects are approached. Because I have always coached in person, your feedback will be a key component  in shaping this e-learning experience – so let me know what you’re thinking (or dancing).

Yours in the “E-Dance” (as in Elephant)…or Environarts… Zephryn Conte



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Zephryn Conte, M.A. CHT, is President of Environarts, Inc ® consulting, a ‘school without walls’ dedicated to the art of balancing the internal and external environments and creating successful communities; offering training in stress and conflict management, diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence, and featuring Environarts Music. – 480-774-9844

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