We value the diversity of our clients, students and colleagues.

Thank you for your business and partnerships!

Teaching is an understatement for what you do during the learning process. You transform people, and bring more of who they are on the inside to the surface, helping them to integrate a significant change into their way of being in the world.
- Sedona, AZ Workshop Participant

…I’d like to thank you for being a part of our youth violence prevention initiative. The response to your workshops was tremendously positive…educators are truly seeking ways to help their students practice peace.
- National Basketball Association

…contributions to… the Cultural Services Division have been invaluable…[we] continue to incorporate the character and community building strategies in… various …programs…
- Cultural Services Division, City of Tempe, AZ

You expanded the perceptions of participating business leaders and educators in entertaining and unexpected ways …your creative methods provided a backdrop for reflecting about ourselves and our performance as professionals that was truly transformational.
- International Resource & Innovation Center, Tokyo, Japan

It was a “triumph” for all, and a “victory” for a great cause – PEACE! We are deeply grateful and appreciative of Ms. Conte for her leadership…
- Superintendent, Roosevelt School District, Phoenix, AZ
Thank you again and again for the outstanding workshop. It provided us with so much valuable material and it bolstered our confidence.
- Stop
Over Services of Newport County, Inc. Middletown, RI

[Environarts] programs give staff a framework in which to create their own contextual realm and add to their multidimensional instructional strategies… [I] have been watching staff members become excited as they do things they thought they could never do.
- Superintendent, South Orange Maplewood School District, NJ